Friday, 14 September 2012

Nokia Belle FP2 and its Changelogs and Insights

ne of the much awaited update for Nokia Symbian Devices and Symbian Belle FP2 is being rolled out. Its already up on Navifirm. We have already provided the download links here . In this post I would share some changelogs and information that I cama across. Anyways Symbian users, cheer up! Just a few days back Symbian Belle Refresh was released and now for 2nd Gen Belle devices, Symbian Belle FP2 is already here (Currently available for the 808 PureView)

If you are a regular reader of FRENDZ4M, you would know that we already predicted or you can see leaked some info about the Belle Fp2 release date here in this post on way back in May. Seems like our source was correct. Symbian Belle FP2 is actually PR 3.0 which most people called Symbian Donna a few months back. In case if you are wandering whats Symbian Carla? Its actually Belle FP1 which is already released.

I am sure lot of you people are already downloading the update and flashing it to your devices.
Till you finish downlaoding, here are some information. about the changelog of Belle Fp2 which we previously came across:

1. New on-screen qwerty keyboard (adopt from Windows Phone qwerty model)

2. New Lock screen without Unlock Button

3. New method (Swipe to unlock) to unlock the screen

4. New Version and New UI Music Player

5. New Interface for Option (Now with Blue button ¨C Look a like on Meego Harmattan)

6. New Version Nokia Browser

7. Some UI Improvement on Nokia Browser

The official changelog is not yet known but these changes are almost confirmed:


All Symbian fans outthere know that the inputmethod has been one of the biggest hickups in our beloved OS. At first there was only a T9 keypad working in fullscreen and a QWERTY working in landscape. Then Anna came and we had a decent portait QWERTY but still shakey splitscreen support and the keyboard was still far behind the best in class, and then came Belle. Belle was supporting, for the first time in Symbian history, input method switchbetween Swype and default keyboards without any reboot, and Swype splitscreen support. Belle FP1 changed nothing as far as input is concerned, but every OS has to grow up and Belle FP2 finally adopted the same keyboard layout as Swype for the default input method. So now we have a competitive keyboard that looks and behaves like any other good keyboard outthere, and this in my opinion is the biggest step forward Nokia made with the FP2 update. I do hope this keyboard finds its way to the Nokia Belle Refresh update that is comming to the first generation Symbian devices.


The default one button unlock screen has been replaced with a WP/MeeGo-like lockscreen that you just swipe away. I have tosay that not only once did I end up with my N8 unlocked in my pocket. The static unlock button is very easy to get pressed if you hold your phone in your pocket facing you leg. Swiping away the lockscreen removes that hazard because its easier to touch an area like the unlock button when you walk than it is to swipe in one direction on 10 centimeters of glass.

Search button on homescreen:

Every mobile OS on the market has some search integration within the homescreen. Android uses a hardware search button as well as a search widget, iOS has spotlight and it was about time the Symbian homescreen had a search button too. I would have liked tosee at least 5 buttons on the homescreen toolbar, but I guess 4 are better than 3.

Notifications split from activities:

The notifications such as missed calls or incoming messages will be visually split from activities such as alarms, WiFi connections or Bluetooth under the system pull down area. It didnot bother me before but I guess its a good thing either way. I still hope the email notifications find their way into this release because that is one major flaw on Symbian that cant be overlooked. Even Asha phones have it, so its a must for Symbian.

New Camera Interface:

Similiar the the one in Nokia 808.

All these changelog information were leaked afew weeks back. You can have a look. If you have already flashed the update, do let us know which of these changelogs in the post are actually correct.


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