Saturday, 10 August 2013

Quick Phone Buying guide at techarenaindia

heloo friends hope you all are fine

we are starting a quick phone buying guide here on techarena india

so if you are planning to buy new smartphone we will help you to decide based on features .

you just have to tell us the price tag

your choice of platform

and we will be back to u with the complete research report .

so just comment below

Friday, 25 January 2013

Videocon Cheap GPRS Plans In India

Videocon also revised 2G plans yesterday in
Haryana but these are still cheapest among all operators. Videocon GPRS Plan 1- Rs.5 Data- 35MB Validity- 1 Day 
Videocon Internet Plan 2- Rs.13 Data- 500MB Validity- 3 Days.

Videocon GPRS Plan 3- Rs.22 Data- 1GB Validity- 7Days.

 Videocon GPRS Plan 4- Rs.58 Data- 1.5GB Validity- 21 Days. 
Videocon GPRS Plan 5- Rs.96 Data- 4GB Validity-28 Days.

Videocon GPRS Plan 6- Rs.109 Data- 6GB Validity-
56 Days.

ALL gsm operators has now been risen their costs of gprs plans in india
So if u want to enjoy fast speed and cheap internet in india you can port to Videocon GSM network 
. Speed in my area- 35-40KB/s. Remember that Videocon will

operate only in 7 circles only-
Punjab, Haryana, Bihar-Jharkand,
Gujarat, MP-CG, UP East, UP West.
As of now services are
commercially available in Gujarat, Haryana, MP and Punjab.
Check their website for plans for your circle.