Friday, 31 August 2012

Idea New 3g Dongle Price Rs.1,799

Idea launches cloud enabled 3G dongle @Rs.1,799Idea cloud enabled 3G dongle in india Idea cloud enabled 3G dongle Price  in india Idea cloud enabled 3G dongle Specifications

Idea Cellular today launched India’s first cloud enabled 3G dongle. The newly launch internet device offers three key features including high speed internet access at 7.2Mbps; cloud storage of 2GB for one year and Cloud Messenger+ a cloud based messenger service allowing free and unlimited communication between cloud users. The new Idea internet datacard is priced at Rs. 1,799 and will be available through all Idea outlets, across 22 circles. It is simple to install and use; by simply plugging the dongle in PC or Laptop and it will auto install Idea software with cloud plug-in.

The new cloud dongle from Idea also allows users to s
hare pictures, music, videos and documents through the ‘Cloud Share’ option, syncing all the attached devices. Users of Idea dongle can also avail other cloud features such as data backup and easy recovery, thus making it the safest and most secure device for internet access and data storage.
SM operator Idea Cellular has recently launched its new cloud-based ‘3G dongle’ in the market. The device also provides Internet access; has a storage capacity of 2GB on the cloud and a cloud messenger for storing and sharing images. The latest dongle costs Rs 1,799 and will be available through its outlets, across 22 circles.
Speaking on the launch of this new device, Sashi Shankar, chief marketing officer, Idea Cellular said, “Cloud is the new technology, and we are the first mobile operator to introduce this into the Indian market. The new 3G dongle will enable consumers to take even greater advantage of its fast data connectivity at home, office and on-the-go, and additional option to store and share files over cloud.”
The new ‘3G dongle’ integrated with cloud based services is capable to download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps and upload speed of up to 5.76 Mbps. The GSM operator will offer free storage of up to 2GB for a period of one year.

Idea has become the only operator to launch this innovative product which offers fast, safe and affordable data connectivity, and connects easily and quickly to any PC, netbook or laptop.


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